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This museum made me realize how fortunate we are, specially the new generation. We are in the century where freedom to express our thoughts, especially our skills, are widely appreciated and allowed by the society. Women were inferiorly treated and were once treated as nothing but slave.

LESSON LEARNED: Appreciate what you have esp. the freedom to exercise things freely, because it was once dreamed by other people. anntalens



Define Happiness and Contentment

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"I never asked for anything, that’s why nothing was given to me"…

That’s life, not everyone is considerate and curious enough to seek for your needs and wants. Tough aye? It’s wearing you down, but you gotta let it pass and do it yourself. People keep depending on you to the point that you can’t even do nothing for yourself anymore, and expect you to be happy with them. Sucks! It’s hard when ur heart is full of resentment, coz u can never be happy & contented with life, Agree?

“You can never be happy if you’re not contented with what you have” …


Well said…

Well said…

" Positive thinking isn’t expecting the best to happen every time. It’s about accepting that whatever happens is the best for that moment…

- A.T. anntalens

True 👍

True 👍

HaHaHa 😬👍😜😝😛

HaHaHa 😬👍😜😝😛

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Never change yourself or acquire anything she has, just because you’re jealous… “BE YOURSELF” !!! #beORIGINAL

Never change yourself or acquire anything she has, just because you’re jealous… “BE YOURSELF” !!! #beORIGINAL



Real Man - Happy Birthday

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U know when you’re with a REAL man when…

*he appreciates your charm even with no make up on

*he never talked back when you’re mad, he just listen and hug you after

*he does surprise you everytime for no reason

*he gives you importance

*he values your personality, intelligence, kindness, and the whole you as a person rather than your looks

*he has a goal for himself and strives and supports his girl no matter what

*he chooses to be with a woman who already knows how to be serious in life

*he will RESPECT you no matter what

*he puts effort into the relationship

*he knows how to sacrifice

*he wants you to be the best version of yourself by supporting you not change you!

*he’ll change all the negative things about him not because his girl wants to, but for the reason of a better, serious, and healthy life

*he cogitates about the future, his future life with you ;)

*he tells you how much he LOVES you & misses you! Everyday!


Thank you for everything! 💋